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The University’s Library, generally referred to as Learning Resource Centre, strives to provide adequate learning materials for both lecturers and students; so as to support the porgrammes mounted by the university. In order to meet up with the challenges, it provides a enough comfortable seating capacity for students and operates from Monday to Saturday. Both staff and students have access to all books and are free to borrow for use within specified periods.

The library procures books and journals (e-books and e-journals inclusive) and any other materials which the Librarian considers useful to staff and students. Due process is followed and only recognized reputable publishers and vendors are patronized. The library procures only current book/journal titles. The library is well stocked with over 5,000 books, and 150 journal tiles. The e-books/e journals are over one million.

The Learning Resource Centre is organized into five main departments: Technical, (cataloguing/classification), Readers Services, Administration, Research/Publication, and Virtual Library section. Through these five main areas, the task of acquiring, organizing, and disseminating information and other resource materials to lecturers and students in the University for the purpose of teaching, learning, and research is achieved.

The University apart from the main Learning Resource Centre has two other college libraries: Natural and Applied Sciences and Social and Management Sciences. This is to provide diversified access to learning resource to staff and students.

The virtual Library has Encarta and e-granary data bases, which provide more than one million books/journals online. Access to these is free as students and staff are allowed to access these resources. Furthermore, the virtual library has current e-books/e-journals

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